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The modern way to say“I'm Here” in an office suite!

Small Office Solutions

We build custom systems expertly tailored to your needs.

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Our Notification System adds a professional look to your office.

Quality Construction

Our product is built to last with a modern, professional design.

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I'm Here  components can be chosen to suit your style and needs.

Flexible Customization

Choose aluminum or white office plates and from a selection of type fonts to fit your style.

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Everything you need for a complete installation is included!

Easy Installation

Using standardized pre-wired components, installation is a snap for any qualified electrician.

Our Story
It all started a few years ago when we were helping to set up a new suite of offices for a therapy group. We needed some way to set up the waiting room with a system that would allow the clients to let their therapist know that they had arrived for their appointment. One of our founder's took it upon himself to search the internet for available solutions. That's when it got interesting. First, just coming up with search terms proved daunting. We started with “notification systems” and tried a lot of variations on that: Lighted Notification System, Receptionless Directory Sign, Notification Sign, Light Switches (okay a gazillion hits). Then we started trying different professional fields, starting with Therapists, then on to Lawyer Notification Sign, or Accountant Directory System, Professional Group Directories, and finally Client Notification Systems (even though we realize we aren't notifying the client, the client is notifying the Therapist, but we were getting desperate).
After all that searching, we managed to find one similar system by searching for Patient Waiting System and Medical Signal System, but it was a custom installation service that wasn't utilizing modern elements. So, when you can't find what you need, you make it yourself. We found some beautiful materials (aluminum plates, LED switches), and built a simple, modular system for the four-person Therapy Group and had the contractor build it into the offices. Everyone was quite pleased. That got us thinking...maybe other people would like to get a Notification System like this, so that they too can have their clients let them know “I'm Here!”. The first installation was hard-wired, so we investigated how we might develop a more modular system with easy to source parts (like telephone cables), and set out to get the backing boxes made and the parts ordered and started up a company so we could supply these kits far and wide. We've settled on “Notification Systems” as our main keyword, but we sure hope you can find us with whatever search term you can imagine! After that first successful installation, we have continued to supply our system to other Therapy Groups and Professional Groups in our area. And based on some of the existing systems we've seen in waiting rooms we've visited, we are hoping that many more will choose to upgrade and give their offices a welcome professional enhancement! So, we are glad that we are here, and we hope that we hear from you soon. Just say “I'm Here!”.