1. What is a Notification System?
It is a modern solution that makes it easy to notify a therapist when clients arrive. Eliminates the need to constantly check the reception area!
2. How does it work?
The Notification Board has lights associated with each therapist mounted on the wall in the waiting room. When a client arrives, they press the button next to the therapist's name. The button lights up in the waiting room and in the therapist's office. When the therapist is ready to see the client, they turn off the light.
3. The "Add to Cart" button doesn't work
You need to enter all of the names into the "Enter Name X" fields before you can add the system to your cart. Any text will work if you want to enter placeholder names.
4. What are the sizes of the Panels?
All panels are 12 5/8" wide, 1-slot panel is 5 5/8" tall, 2-slot is 7 3/4" tall, 3-slot is 9 15/16" tall, 4-slot is 12 1/8" tall, 5-slot is 14 5/16" tall, and the 6-slot is 16 1/2" tall. The Office Plates are standard light switch dimensions: 2 3/4" x 4 1/2".
5. What options do I have when ordering?
The Notification System main wall unit is available in silver (aluminum) and black (anodized aluminum) bezels. The office plates are available in white plastic or aluminum. The notification lights are available in blue or white and the nameplates can be customized with different fonts. Additionally, we supply the specifications for you to print out your own nameplates.
6. How many therapists will it support?
You can order a Notification Board that supports from 1 to 6 therapists. It is possible to mount multiple Notification Boards to increase the number of therapists it will support.
7. How is the unit powered?
The Notification Board is powered by a small 5-volt power supply that your installer will mount in the ceiling and connect to the main board only. The individual office lights take their power from the main board.
8. What does the warranty cover?
Please see the Limited Warranty document link on this page for details on our 1-year warranty. You can also purchase an extended 3-year warranty, see the link on this page for details.
9. Do I need a receptionist?
The Notification System is designed for a small office suite so that you do not need to hire a receptionist!
10. Can I install it myself?
We recommend that the Notification System gets installed by an electrician or general contractor, but it comes with complete instructions and templates to make installation simple.
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